Business Liability Insurance

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Welch, Graham & Ogden Insurance has the liability insurance solutions that you can count on.

Business liability insurance can cover many different things. Because of the variety of issues that may come up in a business setting, Welch, Graham & Ogden Insurance offers business liability insurance options, including:

  • D&O – Directors and Officers insurance offers payment to officers or directors of a company if there are legal costs or actions that are brought against these people.
  • EPLI – Employment Practices Liability Insurance is a more broad liability insurance than the D&O. It covers a company in the event of lawsuits or claims that have to do with business practices, such as discrimination.
  • Cyber/Data Breach Insurance – As more companies keep their records and information online, there are also more possibilities that this information can be breached. This liability insurance can protect your company if your data is breached.
  • Crime Insurance – Crime insurance can help keep your company covered in the event of employee or third party fraud. This covers a variety of crimes.
  • Professional Liability Insurance – With professional liability insurance, your company may remain protected if there is a lawsuit due to negligence, error, or omission in a product or service.

Each of these insurance types is important, however they may not all be right for your company. This is where our agency comes into the picture to help.

Reliable Liability Protection Begins with a Reliable Agency

Whether your company is based in Virginia, Maryland, or Washington DC, we can help you decide on the perfect liability package for your company. Some companies may find that a general liability insurance is the best option. However, others may be in need of extra protection.

We will work with you to find exactly the best options. Whether you are a new business looking for liability insurance for the first time, or you are shopping around for new options, give us a call at 703-530-1300. We can answer any questions you have, and give you a quote right over the phone. Our agents are friendly, honest, and here to educate you!