Specialized Markets

Woman Lying in a Dentist Chair With Male Dentist

A specialized market means you need a specialized insurance package. Does your business fall under this category?

Each business market is different. However, some markets are considered special. At Welch, Graham & Ogden Insurance, we work with a variety of specialized markets in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC. In addition to more traditional businesses, we also serve the insurance needs of:

  • Dentists
  • Contractors
  • Office Buildings
  • Consultants
  • Private Investigators and Security Guards
  • Non Profit Organizations
  • Emergency Response Services
  • Restaurants
  • Landscapers
  • Janitorial Services

Each market has specific needs, and we understand this. Our agents will work with you to help put together exactly the insurance items you need for your company. A contracting company may need more liability insurance, for example, than consultants. However, this varies from company to company.

We also understand that there may be legal requirements for your insurance needs. We can help you navigate through these. Specialty markets generally require a little something extra. We’ll make sure you get everything your company needs.

Stability for Your Special Business

You rely on your insurance to get your company through tough times. Make sure you work with an insurance agent who has a proven record. Welch, Graham & Ogden Insurance was founded in 1893, and has been helping businesses with their insurance needs ever since. We know the types of things that you go through as a business. We can help.

With the added protection that Welch, Graham & Ogden Insurance can offer with a variety of insurance options, you will feel more comfortable in the everyday running of your business. No matter what specialty market you are in, it’s important to make sure that you are properly covered. With so many unknowns in the world, knowing that your insurance needs are met can help you breathe a little easier.

At Welch, Graham & Ogden Insurance, we pride ourselves on our integrity, honesty, and fairness. We will always do our best to make sure you get everything you need. Whether you have questions or want a quote over the phone, call us at 703-530-1300. Your financial security is our mission!