Ross F

Thank you for the opportunity (at LAST!) to tell you and all of WG&O how fortunate we feel for the past – what maybe ten years – to have the ability to call on Angie Ramos for all of our many and constanty changing homeowners insurance needs.  New homes – we move a round a little, floaters,  new insurance for our rental property – whatever we need and no matter how many queestions we have, she is an inexhaustible source of solid, cost effective, and practical answers to all of our insurance needs and questions, and always with great, prompt and thorough follow up to be sure we are getting absolutely the best in advance and coverage and value when it comes to our home insurance needs.

I do not care how many of these messages you get, and you will no doubt and deservedly so receive a lot, since we think WG&O is great, but no one, no single individual professional in our opinion deserves the recognition and appreciation more than Angie.  She is one of your greatest assets and in a personal business – I have 25 years in the personal service business in a $8b business and some experience in judging and evaluating good customer service that in Angie’s case always exceeds our expectations – ALWAYS! – you have simply an outstanding professional in Angie Ramos.

Angie deserves whatever accolades and recognition along with something tangible to boot to truly show how much you appreciate her outstanding and abiding hard work, outstanding professionalism, and great expertise to make your customers – us especially – feel that they trust and have peace of mind in all things home insurance because of WG&O and most importantly for us in being able to work with Angie Ramos.  She is simply the best.

– Ross F